Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pictureless / Videoless Update.. Boring...

Melissa has been growing very nicely. We think she’s about 9 lbs now. Don’t have a fine grained scale, so this is just some one stepping on the scale, getting a weight in, then stepping on the scale again holding Melissa. So it may be off by a half a pound or so, but regardless, it’s pretty clear that Melissa is getting bigger and bigger :)

Recently, Melissa’s got a case of baby acne, and maybe that’s why we haven’t taken as many pictures. But fear not, more pictures are coming soon. Apparently baby acne is pretty common (affects about 40% of baby, according to the books, and usually starts from about 2-3 weeks old and goes away on it’s own around 4-6 weeks old).

Yesterday, my parents arrived from Taiwan. They’re here to replace Sandy’s mom, who must be exhausted by now, heehee. My Dad is stay for less than two weeks, but my Mom should be staying for about 1 month. It’s great to have the grand parents (and aunt) helping out, hard to imagine how we’d get by without the extra help.

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Sally said...

don't worry. melissa is still cute despite having acne. post more pics!