Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Melissa’s Major Milestone 2-3 Month

Melissa is 3 months old! Here are some major milestone when Melissa is 2-3 month old:

• Can stand up with her own feet for a couple of seconds with support. She usually does that while we try to burp her on our shoulder.
• Not as gassy as the previous month.
• Giggles and smiles back to us when we smile a lot of times.
• Looks at the mirror and smiles.
• Starts eating her fingers and hands a lot.
• Grabs things accidentally and has no control on the movement.
• Can keep her head up for 45 degrees during tummy time, but she does not like tummy time.
• Likes to sit in the swing and bouncer and often falls asleep in it.
• Likes to lifts legs up while changing diaper.
• Listens to us reading books.
• Wakes up every 3-4 hours to be fed at night.
• Seems to sleep better late morning (7am to 11am) than at night.
• Often naps at 1pm for 3 hours in the afternoon
• Able to fall asleep without pacifier sometimes


alice said...

Melissa grows very well.

PennMed2009 said...

what an innocent face!