Friday, January 16, 2009

Melissa's Major Milestone 3-4 Month

Melissa had her 4 months check up couple days ago. Here is a quick summary of her growth and development:

Weight: 12 lb 0.5 oz (76%)
Height: 25 inches (74%)
Head Circumference: 41.6 cm (65%)

Melissa did not cry at all this time when she saw the doctor, and she was doing very well on her tummy in front of the doctor. Melissa also got a few vaccination shots at this doctor’s visit. She only cried for 5 seconds when the needle went into her leg, she is so brave!

Here are some major milestones when Melissa is 3-4 month old:

• Coos a lot and squeals really loud comparing to last month.
• Starts to drool a lot.
• Strongly prefers to be held upright.
• Likes to drink bottle in the stroller.
• Smiles more and more when you interact with her.
• Looks at the mirror and smiles.
• Starts eating her fingers and hands a lot.
• Likes to kick her feet with delight in the water during bath time.
• Knows how to grab things using her hands.
• Likes to sit in the swing and bouncer and often falls asleep in it.
• Can hold her head upright while she’s on tummy.
• Holds her back straight to stand up with our support.
• Wakes up every 4-5 hours to be fed at night.
• Sleeps around 11pm for 10 hours and wakes up around 4am to be fed.
• Grabs a bottle to drink and pushes it away when she finishes.

We got some pictures that she's playing with the new toys from Uncle Justin. You can see how happy she is!


alice said...

We like Melissa!

Sally said...

looks like she's very happy with her new toys!