Thursday, March 12, 2009

Melissa's Major Milestone 5-6 Month

Melissa had her 6 months check up couple days ago. Here is a quick summary of her growth and development:
Weight: 17 lb 4 oz (74%)
Height: 26 1/4 inches (69%)
Head Circumference: 42.9 cm (63%)

Here are some major milestones when Melissa is 5-6 month old:

• Lift both legs and rotate 360 degree.
• Loves going out either on the stroller or in the car.
• Very talkative.
• Almost roll over but not completely yet.
• Smiles and laugh often when you play with.
• Observes things and show strong curiosity in everything.
• Starts on solids: rice cereal, then banana, and carrots. She loves to eat solids and about 2/3 of food stays in her mouth.
• Starts drinking some formulas. Eats about 6 oz per feeding (3 oz breast milk & 3 oz formula)
• Can sit by herself for a few minutes.
• Very active in her crib or any bed.
• Puts everything in her mouth to “check.”
• Understands who mommy is really well.
• Doesn’t mind tummy time.


Sally said...

ahhh i want to hold melissaaa!! she's soooo cute!

Sally said...