Friday, April 17, 2009

Melissa's Major Milestone 6-7 Month

Here are some major milestones when Melissa is 6-7 month old:

• Likes to sit up to play without support.

• Diaper size 2 is almost getting too small. (Daddy thinks they are already too small since he had to change clothes where there was leakage a couple times already!!!)

• Starts to go back to her normal sleeping schedule after one month adjustment at the daycare.

• Sleeps from 9pm to 7/8am without feeding.

• Interested in grabbing things and very curious. Loves to pull mommy’s hair, especially.

• First time catching a cold and recovers after about a week.

• Pretty good with pureed food.

• Moves quickly from sit-up to crawling position.

• Eats about 6 oz each feeding if she doesn’t eat solid food. With solid food, she eats 4 oz.

• Tries to hold the bottle herself sometimes and is capable of holding the bottle by herself.

• Breastfeeding only takes about 10-15 minutes now. Stops sucking when she hears any noise.

• Loves going out to park and doesn’t like to be covered up in the stroller. She loves watching kids playing.

• Still puts everything in her mouth and drools like crazy.


alice said...

It seems when Melissa gets good night sleep, Mom and Dad get more time to update the blogger.

We are very exciting when we see more things on the blogger.

Sally said...

haha melissa better behaves so everyone can see her. =)