Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Melissa's Major Milestone 15-18 Month

Here are some major milestones when Melissa was 15-18 month old:

• Really likes to run, and she runs most of the times instead of walking.
• She has 8 teeth fully grown, but there are another 8 teeth at the back coming out a little bit.
• Loves to eat adult food and still has great appetite.
• Doesn’t like to drink from her straw cup anymore and prefers to drink from the regular cup and often makes a big mess…
• Loves to eat pasta and porridge mixed with spinach and chicken. Fruit is still her favorite though! (Banana is not her favorite anymore. She loves grape and melon now)
• Understands a lot of words/expressions we speak (i.e. do you want to drink water, do you want to eat this, do you want me to read you a story, do you want to go out)
• Speaks better now and can clearly pronounces Daddy, Mommy, A-Yi (aunt), Gong-Gong (grandpa), Ma-Ma (grandma), Nai-Nai (grandma), Yea-yea (grandpa), Jo-Jo (uncle).
• Very stubborn, she cries until she gets something she wanted. (Especially when she sees the milk bottle, she has to drink it right away and demands a specific person to feed her (usually daddy))
• Somehow, Mommy had an easier time putting Melissa to sleep than Daddy.
• Starts crying when we scold her.
• Prefers walking to the park from our house instead of going there by stroller. Loves the slide at the park.
• Loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and shows emotions when she watches the show (cries when baby in the movie cries too).
• Great interest in reading books.
• Prefer someone to play with her instead of playing alone.
• Very energetic and doesn’t like to sleep or nap.
• Loves to play hide and seek and laughs really loud.
• Can answer questions with Yao (Yes I want), Bu-Yao (No I don’t want), Hao (okay).
• Sleeps from close to 10pm to 8am ish and naps around 12-2pm.

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alice said...

Melissa always makes us very happy.