Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jeff Chang's Concert in SF

We went to Jeff Chang 張信哲 and Roberta Flack's concert at San Francisco Opera House on Valentine's Day. It was a great concert. Even though Jeff is in his early 40s (time flies!), he still has his signature crystal clear high vocal, like an angel. I always wonder how people like Jeff Chang and Faye Wong can have such clean and soft voice. A lot of Jeff's song were my favorite songs until now since I heard in high school. Old pop music in the 90s seem to be much better than the pop music these days. Jeff's mellow, mesmerizing, and velvet-like voice is so charming that no wonder he is the Prince of Ballad in the Mandarin pop. I wish I can hear Jeff Chang sing some Christian worship music because his voice is very suitable for those calming & comforting religious music, and he is a Christian, too.

Roberta Flack is a great entertainer, too. I especially like the duet she sang with Jeff Chang "Tonight I Celebrate My Love for You."

This is the first night that someone else other than Mommy or Daddy put Melissa to bed. Our babysitter, Mrs. Hsu is very kind and loving, and she said Melissa was happy the whole night until her bed time. But she did manage to sleep without Mommy. Good job, Melissa!

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alice said...

Jeff Chang really has good voice.
Glad to know that Melissa can sleep at night without Dad or Mom aside.