Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sandy's Company BBQ

Sandy's company had a company wide picnic this past Saturday. It was at Saratoga Springs, a camp ground/picnic place 1/2 way up the Saratoga hills. We went there and had a good time. Melissa especially enjoyed the outing since there was plenty of things for kids to do there. They even set up a mini-petting zoo.

Melissa was a little shy and unsure about the petting zoo at first and wouldn't go into it. But after watching other kids in there petting the animals, she eventually decided it was safe to go inside. Then, we had a hard time to get her to come out :)

They also had face/body painting booth setup. Melissa got a rainbow painting on her arm.Afterwards when I asked her what was her favorite part of the picnic, she told me the petting zoo and the popsicle. Yes, she got to eat a whole big popsicle although we have no pictures to prove it..


alice said...

What a lovely place for kids to play! We can see Melissa is so happy touching the small animals.

Sally said...

melissa is more brave than ayi. i don't think i dare touching those animals!