Saturday, May 16, 2009

Melissa's Major Milestone 7-8 Month

Here are some major milestones when Melissa is 7-8 month old:

• Finally roll over!
• Moves quickly from sit-up to crawling position and does lots of pre-crawling motions.
• Started to crawl backwards sometimes.
• Eat Cheerios now but doesn’t seem to like it that much.
• Very good with pureed food and spits out chunky food if not pureed well.
• Knows her name and look at people calling her name.
• Tries to speak a lot.
• Two teeth coming out (bottom front).
• Enjoys eating her own feet very much.
• Likes to be in ExerSaucer.
• Has been taking just 2 naps during the day (one in late morning and one in the afternoon).
• Begins to show “impatience” by screaming loudly (it has to be now or done quickly).
• First time using sippy cup but doesn’t quite know how to use it.
• Loves to go out to the park and watch other kids playing.
• Screams at middle of the night sometimes due to teething for about a week.
• Has stranger anxiety but warms up after a while.

1 Comment:

alice said...

We can see her two teeth clearly now.
I bet she can crawl in June when we come.