Thursday, June 4, 2009

Daddy's Bday - Melissa Meets Some Friends

A bit late with this posting, but better late than never :)

We had a gathering for my birthday couple weeks back. Many friends showed up, including some second generationers, so Melissa got to make some new friends.. Ok, they're not exactly interacting yet but it's still fun. Here are some picture of Melissa's new friends:

Maya (1yr 4m) with Dad (Mike in Green) Uncle Yui, and Aunt Shu-Han

Linus (2y) and Allison (4+m) with Dad

Thanks to everyone for coming by and celebrating me getting another year older and thanks to Sandy for organizing the event!

1 Comment:

alice said...

What a good birthday party!
It's fun to look at those babies and kids. Oh, we just love it.